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We are FIRST Team 1891, "The Bullbots". The Bullbots started at Mountain View High School in Meridian, Idaho in 2005.

Meridian Press Article

Recently, our friends over at the Meridian Press wrote and published an article on us and what we do. We thought you would like to check it out for yourself!


A Great Start

We got the 2013-14 year started off very well! As you may know, we moved from Renissance High School back to our true home at Mountain View High School. We huffed, and puffed, and plowed our way back to Mountain View. We give a BIG thank you to all of the parents, volunteers, and especially the students and mentors who gave up their time off during the summer to help us out! We started the year off by having a welcome night in early August. We recruited about 15 members for this year. We then got started into basic training based on interests in the club.

Micron CHIP Camps

This year, The Bullbots collaborated with FIRST Team 4106, The Bots of Prey, to participate in Micron's CHIP Camp. Participating children were introduced to the FLL and FRC competitions. We used our robot to demonstrate how fun science and technology can be!

Bullbots June Robotics Camp for Kids

We recently hosted our June robotics camp for kids. During this camp, children got the chance to gain experience with Lego Mindstorm, programming, and real-life engineering skills. Through activities like building Lego Mindstorm animals and Mini Sumo Bots competitions, we all had a blast while learning valuable teamwork skills. The camp was primarily focused on introducing kids to the excitement of technology and science. 

Summer Community Events!

The Bullbots are getting ready for a summer full of community outreach. Micron Chip Camp, Relay for Life, and LEGO Mindstorm camps are just a few of these.

The Micron Chip Camp is on both June 11th and 18th, and we will be showing our robot to the kids that come by and hopefully get them a little excited about technology.

Relay for Life is on July 12, all night long. We participate in this event every year and it is a great fundraiser for the American Cancer Society as well as loads of fun for those participating.

HP Bring Your Inventor to Work Day!

On April 19th, The Bullbots and Team Tators from Boise went to the HP Bring Your Inventor to Work Day. We showed off and demonstrated our robot throughout the day in different 30 minute sessions. We showed many videos, including the challange animation, and a video of our robot climbing to the third rail as seen in the post below. It was a long but fun day. Team Tators and The Bullbots shot frisbees as a demonstration that high schoolers can be inventors as well!

Video from the Regional Final

Here is some video from the Utah Regionals, showing our awesome robot winning through to the final out of 40+ robots.. We lost in match 2 of the final due to our hook breaking.
However, we were the only robot in the competition to climb past the first level - and one of only about 12 in the nation.

2nd Place!

We did awesome at the Utah Regional! We were ranked 2nd place along with the rest of our alliance, 1569 Haywire from Pocatello ID, and 3251 Salmon Robotics From Salmon ID!!!!! It was a devastating loss though, our robot fell off of the pyrmaid in the last 2 seconds of the match. However, our robot was the only robot able to climb past the first rung on the pyrmaid out of everyone at the regionals, and one of only 12 robots in the entire world that were able to climb up to the third rung!!!! how impressive is that!?!?! We are very proud of our hard work and efforts durring the build season.

We Made it to Salt Lake!

Hey everone! We finally made it to Salt Lake, and it's great! We know that not everyone was available to come with us and that our parents really want to know what's going on. So our fellow FRC team from Boise, Team Tators have supplied us with this link to their live stream of the event! We hope everyone enjoys it, and we would like to thank everyone for helping us get this far this year!


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