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2015 Robot Drawings


IDPTV Robot Discussion

One of our mentors was recently able to be interviewed by Idaho Public Televison about robots. Check it out below!


Who invented the first robot?

Robot definition: a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.

House and Senate Education Committee Presentations

Monday January 19th 2015

Discovery Center


Week 2 Synopsis

In week 2 of Build Season, the Bullbots have taken several steps to prepare our members for the upcoming challenge. The Programming Team has gotten the practice chassis up and running, enabling the Drive Team to have something to practice with. They have also mounted a camera on the practice robot so they can operate it remotely. The first chassis has been revised and a second chassis is presently being welded. We have fixed our 2013 robot and are planning to use it in future demos.

Bullbots and Troop 166 scouts


Week 1 Synopsis

The Bullbots has achieved a lot in our first week of build season. We've made a practice robot to give drivers and programmers something to practice with. The chassis was designed on Inventor and is currently being welded. The team has also built some game pieces to test our robot on as it is being developed.


On January 3rd, the Bullbots attended the FRC Kickoff for 2015 at Boise State University. We watched the live broadcast alongside Team VERN and Team Impossible, local FRC and FLL teams respectively. This year's challenge is Recycle Rush, a task with a recycling theme. Alliances of three robots stack small storage containers, perch recycling bins atop the stacks, and "recycle" pool noodles into said bins to earn points. We would like to thank Boise State University for allowing us to use their facility for Kickoff, and we look forward to a successful build season.

2015 Build Kickoff


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